Land Clearing, Tree Removal & Disposal Services

Unleashing the Beauty of your Property through Land Clearing

No matter your goals for improving your property, hiring professional land clearing services will help you meet them more easily. Whether you are clearing the land to support healthy plant growth or to meet local regulations, we are there to help you. For years now we have provided such services, taking pride in offering solutions tailored to specific types or sizes of land clearing projects.

Our experienced staff are able to remove debris, overgrown vegetation, unwanted rocks and any environmental hazards which limit the potential of your land. If your goal is to maintain a clean and healthy environment on your property, contact us for a quote.

Clearing your Land of Unwanted Vegetation

JB Sawmill clears land for building houses, neighborhood and commercial developments, road development, shopping malls, farms and horse stables, subdivisions, wetlands and Title V, backyard expansions, swimming pools and views!

  • Commercial and Residential
  • From 1 Tree to a Forest
  • Tree/Brush Removal from Asian Longhorn Beetle restricted areas
  • Mowing of Retention Ponds/Basins
  • Hay/Silt Fence Installation

Stump Removal or Grinding:

  • Stump Grinding below grade (grindings can be removed or left on premises)
  • Stumps of any size can be removed from the ground and hauled away

Wood Waste Grinding:

  • On-site chipping and grinding of brush, stumps & debris piles
  • Grind it into useable material

Brush, Stumps and Woodchip Disposal/Drop Off:

  • Brush, Woodchips, Wood Chunks/Logs and Stumps can be dumped at our site (priced according to size of truck or trailer)
  • Dirt, Loam and Clean Fill accepted at our site free of charge

Emergency Tree Removal Service:

In the event of an emergency tree situation where your property has fallen and hazardous trees, we can be there to help. Call us at (508) 435-6877.